11 table lamp


by Ximo Roca

Luciole is a portable lamp, small and compact. It consists of two pieces of solid wood joined together by elastic bands, available either in black or transparent. The upper handle is designed so that the lamp can be used as a hand-held lantern. The cylindrical shade is made of natural wood veneer and creates a soft light that harmonizes with all types of different settings. Because of its design and the materials used in its fabrication, it can both illuminate a table in an outdoor setting or be used as additional lighting in any corner. Thanks to its rechargeable battery with a USB input, it can be used anywhere independently, without the need for cables.

CLAP Selection 2017
ADCV 2019 Award Finalist


Touch module (ON/OF/Dimmable) with 20 led. 3W 3000K (300lm).
Lithyum polimer battery 2500mAh.
Micro connectors for touch, battery, led module and microUSB.