Nacho Timón is a young, adventuresome designer with a curious  and observant nature. Born in 1978 in the city of Valencia, he received his education at the ESDI_UCH-CEU at the start of the new millennium. Passionate for the rational relationship between form and function, he is always looking for functional beauty and the balance between the concept and the outward limitations of the materials used. His simple, yet ingenious concepts often seem to border on the impossible, but always with a touch of humor and irony that define his style. Some of his main objectives include economy of parts and materials, ecology, and energy efficiency. He specializes in the design of lighting fixtures and advertising gadgets. Timón is a wonderful representative of the new generation of Spanish designers, known for his restlessness and creativity and his will to improve the lives of others through his daily work.

Timón has already obtained various recognitions during his young career: Gold medal in the 2015 ADCV Lighting Award for his “Mínima” lamp, Gold medal in the 2014 Advertising Festival La Lluna, in the Direct and Promotional Marketing category for his “Very Amstel Towels,” Client PUBLIPS. Selected to participate in the 2011 NUDE salon with his “Mr.Light” lamp and 2003 Valencia Creates Product Design Award, for his screw-on bracket.


table lamp


wall lamp
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