Although my professional career began in 1981, it was in 1989 when I created the Ximo Roca Design Studio. Our work is characterized by an initial immersion into the business climate of our clients in order to better understand their target markets. We analyze their production systems and capacity, as well as their economic potential, so that we can come up with realistic design offerings tailored to the criteria of each individual client. Another essential element of our approach is to establish a direct dialogue with the company. This allows us to interpret the needs of the market and adjust accordingly, determining the level of risk of each project. The design is thus made to fit the market and not the other way around. The goal of our work is to allow companies to be more competitive, which is the constant concern of all businesses. The studio’s projects – both domestically and on the international stage – range from industrial design to graphic design, from interior design to architecture and they have won numerous awards and prizes. Ximo Roca is, without a doubt, a versatile and original designer. During his more than 30 years in the field, he has created numerous products that are still widely visible in the design world of today.


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